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Amundsen Ally: Switchfast Technologies

FOA is thrilled to welcome Switchfast Technologies to our growing list of Amundsen Allies. Switchfast is a fast growing business in the Ravenswood corridor that provides IT consulting and managed services to small businesses. The CEO of Switchfast, Jim Anderson, is the current Treasurer of Friends of Amundsen, and one of the smartest, and hardest working volunteers on the FOA team. Jim knows how to make good things happen. 🙌

Jim and his team at Switchfast are excited to throw their support behind accomplishing FOA’s 2019 goal to add a lot of new technology to the classrooms at Amundsen! 💻

If you are ever in need of help with IT, and want to support a company that supports Amundsen, give Switchfast a call or a CLICK HERE.

Thank you Switchfast for your support.


Interested in becoming an Amundsen Ally?

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