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Amundsen Ally: Beneen Prendiville, Arbonne Idependent Consultant

FOA is pleased to welcome Beneen Prendiville, Arbonne Independent Consultant on board as an Amundsen Ally. Beneen Ibrahim Prendiville dedicates so much of her giving heart, positive energy and precious time to FOA as our current President, and she also financially supports FOA with her personal care business of Arbonne products. FOA is so grateful to have her as an ally in more ways than one.

Arbonne personal care products integrate the most beneficial botanical ingredients from nature with the principles of green chemistry- crafting products with integrity, expertise, and innovation. And it's done responsibly, taking care of our earth at the same time. Botanically inspired skincare, plant-powered nutritional products, and radiant makeup all pure, safe, and beneficial for the entire family.

Want to get healthy while supporting a small business owner, who supports AHS and FOA?😉

Join the Healthy Living Inside and Out movement this January with a clean eating or healthy skin detox, mention Friends of Amundsen for 40% off and a free gift.

Interested in giving back to FOA this year by becoming an Amundsen Ally? Click here for details:

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