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CSR Memorial Scholarship Fund

The CSR Memorial Scholarship was created to honor a beloved Amundsen student with an IEP who embodied the Viking Way—Accountable, Honorable, Scholarly. Even after graduating, this student, his girlfriend and his Aunt, a former member of AHS Administration, were passionate supporters and cheerleaders of the Viking Way. After his death in 2021, Friends of Amundsen decided to honor his legacy with The CSR Scholarship.

The scholarship focuses on a student's post-secondary pathway and how they have demonstrated the Viking Way during their high school tenure. Students need to describe how they were: - Accountable for making someone feel and be included. - Honorable by helping someone else when they needed someone. - Scholarly by learning something new or about yourself.

Consider a Donation

You can donate to the CSR Scholarship Fund at the Raise the Sails auction page HERE. Raise the Sails event ticket holders, please donate from the unique link sent in your online bidding welcome e-mail/text.

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